Spear Island Theodish Study Group was formed to provide a forum for those interested in learning more about Theodism, it’s beliefs, and practices both religious and magical.

Theodism, or Theodish Belief, is a Heathen religion quite distinct from Asatru, Wicca, and the like. It is a tribalist religion that prizes scholarship and historical accuracy, and which demands the highest standards for its members both in personal behavior and worthiness.

To quote the founder of Theodish Belief, Garman Lord, “Theodism revives the long lost ancestral historical elder pre-Christian folk religion of the medieval Anglo-Teutonic tribal complex.” In short, Theodsmen aspire to worship the gods and goddesses of our ancestors the way those ancestors did, in the same sort of tribal structure that our ancestors lived in. Our gods are the gods of the North; Odin, Thor, Freyja, and the rest.

Spear Island holds classes, workshops, and rituals, with an eye to one day gathering together a core of individuals who wish to come together as a tribe in the Theodish model.