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A toast to HrólfR the Dane

Son of Jarl Rognvald Eyesteinnson!
Follower of Sigfred, harrower of Paris, scourge of Burgundy!
Karl’s man, who would not stoop a foot to kiss, a duke self-won!
Strode he on the banks of the Vire, the boundaries of Normandy did spread!
O! HrólfR, O! Rollo, O! Robert! O! First Duke of Normandy!
Your kin removed by many years remembers you and drinks your good memory!
Hail Rollo!

Just a note on this one; I recently discovered that Rollo, the viking raider who forced the Frankish king Charles the Simple to make him the first Duke of Normandy, is an ancestor of mine. Thus I was inspired to compose a little something in praise of such an illustrious ancestor.

Genealogy update

I knew that, through my mother’s line, I could trace a line ultimately to Penda, the last pagan king of Mercia. I’m still working on documenting that person-by-person, but in the meantime, courtesy of, I have documented two ancestors of Norman extraction that crossed the channel with William the Conqueror.

The farthest back I’ve gone so far is Ranulf de Bayeaux, born in 1018. I’ll be able to delve farther back than that, I’m sure, but to be able to say that I can trace at least a portion of me lineage back 990 years is just jaw-dropping to me.

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