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New Moon October 2018

Little in the way of change from last month. The wind rising is such a standard effect at this point that I’m almost surprised it isn’t mentioned someplace in the lore.

Although fun fact having nothing to do with the offering, in researching the ON vindr in Cleasby-Vigfusson (because of course I would), I discovered that there exists a thing called a “wind-egg”. It’s a fully-formed egg that doesn’t have a yoke. Neat!

Nothing on a gust of wind being associated with land-wights, seidr, or anything like that, though, except for the seidr practice of raising storms, which I don’t think is quite the same thing.

At this point, I’m only going to post about the New Moon offering if there’s something particularly interesting or new to report.

New Moon September 2018

I went back to the original vardlokkr I’ve been using, and can report the same results. Excellent energy in the rite itself, good contact during the post-ritual far-faring, but little in the way of significant dreams.

New Moon August 2018

I tried a new vardlokkr last night, based on the following kulning I found on YouTube:

The result seemed to work just fine, and in line with previous rites. I was halfway expecting to get a different “feel” from the wights that were present, depending on the difference in the song, but there was nothing like that that I could sense.

Looks like last month was an anomaly, and I’m back to form. The ritual itself went fine, as did the faring forth afterwards. I’m giving the willow a rest, though; I’ll keep up with the offerings, but will wait for her to reach out to me.

New Moon July 2018

Did the ritual last night, but to be honest my heart wasn’t in it, and I think it showed in the results. I didn’t feel the “oomph” I normally do, and couldn’t concentrate enough afterwards to do the far-faring. Calling this one a bust.

New Moon June 2018

Ritual and post-ritual went entirely as expected, but my dreams were quite significant, it seemed to me. I rarely have dreams where I know I am dreaming, but that happened last night, and I found myself able to consciously (?) shift the dream-scape around me. I’ve never really been able to do that before now, and it’s an exciting development. Can’t wait to see if it lasts.

New Moon May 2018

I feel like I’m really getting into the rhythm with the landwights. I feel their presence more and more easily every time I perform the varlokkr. And the post-offering far-faring is also now a regular part of the practice for me. I find I’m able to communicate with them directly (except for the willow spirit; more on that at some point). I also find that more spirits are present, and willing to converse.

New Moon April 2018

Faring forth after the New Moon offering worked so well last month I decided to try again. This time I tried to make contact with the spirit of the willow (to whom I had made an offering last month, at the suggestion of the land wight in the vé).

She was there, all right, but not in a talkative mood. I could feel waves of scorn coming from her, and tried to get past it to no avail. Still, I’ll continue to make offerings, and try to communicate. She has done so in the past, and I think constant and consistent attention will eventually get through to her.

New Moon March 2018

Performed the standard ritual last night, but as I didn’t have any ale, I made do with mead. Had the same wind rising effect I’ve seen before.

Tonight I also fared forth back to the vé in animal guise right before bed. I was able to converse with one of the land-wights, who suggested I make an offering to the spirit of the willow tree, whom I have been forgetting as of late. She’s a powerful spirit who can be quite spiteful when she feels slighted.

New Moon February 2018

Second offering to the landwights this year. Other than the wind picking up as the varlokkr was sung (something that I’ve noticed quite often in the past), nothing particularly striking happened during the ritual itself.

Not sure if it’s particularly significant, but I did have a dream last night about being chased by hordes of people, barely escaping multiple times, and finally being trapped by hordes of people coming at me from all sides.

New Moon January 2018

In keeping with my intent to turn inwards in my practice, and emphasize an independent worship, yesterday I performed my first New Moon offering to the landwights of the year.

It’s my intention to chronicle these and any other offerings I make, and record any significant dreams that come afterwards.

The ritual was the standard type I use for such things. In the vé, I sing the vardlokkr a capella to entice the land wights to the sacred space, and then make an offering of meat and ale.

The ritual itself went as normal, and no portentous dreams were had last night.

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